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Branding, E-commerce Website Creation & Marketing
for De Soleil et d'Amour ,  the magician of stones and energies

What our teA + M has delivered:

  • Re-branding and hand drawn logo design + tailor-made graphic / visual brand identity for the web

  • Webdesign and construction of each page in dynamic mode on Shopify.

  • SEO (search engine optimized) web writing of all website content (Home, About, all product pages, ...)

  • Integration of more than 150 products in the e-Commerce Store: creation of the table of products in Shopify's formats, writing of product descriptions and optimization of content for product referencing  

  • Image customization and optimization for  responsive web display  

  • Creation of a Google MyBusiness and Google Analytics account to boost the performance of the site online

  • Launch and Teaser Marketing Campaigns with marketing on social media networks.


Lithotherapy, aromatherapy, creation of tailor-made jewelry, magic potions, energy treatments, natural stones, well-being, sacred femininity.


Want to know more ?

Let yourself be intoxicated :

Our teA+M has digitized the boutique store of personalized jewelry and semi-precious stone boutique store, for a very special designer and Energetician, Soraya! The bright atmosphere of its De Soleil et d'Amour boutique, and its strong values of reconnecting with the Self are at the heart of our conception of this beautiful online store .

Previous Logo:

New (Hand-Drawn) Logo Design:

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