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Top 5 mistakes that prevent you from selling organically (and how to fix them)

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Are you struggling to sell your product or service organically despite having a great offer? You may think the problem is with your offer and you might be wrong… it may be only because of your marketing! Inbound marketing is a powerful tool for driving organic sales, but it needs to be executed correctly. In this blog post, we'll discuss the top five mistakes that prevent you from selling organically and provide actionable solutions to avoid them. We give you the best inbound marketing strategy to follow.

Driving more organic sales thanks to inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is a customer-centric approach that focuses on creating valuable content and experiences for your target audience. It helps attract, engage, and delight potential customers, ultimately driving organic sales. However, businesses often make mistakes that hinder their ability to sell organically. Avoiding these marketing mistakes can lead to greater success.

1. Accessing your offer is too complicated

Making a purchase is too complicated, meaning you’re losing your audience somewhere along the sales funnel purchase. If they have to leave the social media platform that they’re on or click multiple times to find the right page on your website or fill out a long form to make a purchase, there are too many points along the way that they might just give up and move on.

How to fix this?

Don't let your customers figure out themselves how to find the right place to buy from you! Focus more on the user experience and make it simpler. Remove any unnecessary steps and give them one clear path to follow that leads directly to buying from you, quickly and effortlessly. Use just one, easy call to action to follow, such as a link in bio, click here or go there.

2. You are not establishing brand trust

If your brand lacks credibility, your customers may not trust you enough to feel like you can deliver what you promise. Are you creating branded content that speaks and reassures your ideal client? Are you offering solutions to their core problems, so that they fully understand the value of working with you or buying your products? Do they know how your offers will benefit them? Do they know the expertise you have in your field?

How to fix this?

Before you make the offer, be sure you’re investing in professional branding. You need to stand out and build a recognizable brand universe on social media. The other main way to build brand trust is to cultivate social proof. Testimonials, positive reviews, and generally having other people vouch for you – including recommendations, licenses, or certifications, really help build trust in buyers and help with inbound marketing.

3. You are focusing on features instead of benefits

One of the most common marketing mistakes is focusing on what you can deliver and not on what your customers actually want or need. You're focusing too much on what’s inside your offer, the functionality or technical features instead of its benefits. You’re not giving enough information or detail about the outcome after they’ve used your product.

How to fix this?

When selling a program or service, focus on the benefits and outcomes of your offer instead of its technical features. What will your customers walk away with? How will their lives be different? Focus less on the process (the number of coaching sessions, what they'll learn in how much time, the features you’re offering) and more on what happens afterward (how better they will feel, what the transformation experienced, the concrete results).

4. You forget the emotional side of the purchase

You’re only focusing on explaining the pros and cons… and you forget about the emotions and desires attached to purchasing your offer. We all have emotions and deep needs as human beings. Our dreams and frustrations play a big part in the decisions we make! Without us even realizing it, the way we buy, and spend our time, energy, and money is mainly driven by our emotional side.

How to fix this?

In inbound marketing, you understand how your ideal clients feel about their problems, how they want to feel instead, and their hopes, fears, desires, and pain points. By using inbound marketing techniques you create content solving these problems and you present your offer to your audience as a solution. This helps to position your brand as the go-to solution to their problems. Strengthen your message with rational facts and details they need to justify making a purchase from you.

5. Your offers don’t get seen enough

Last but not least, the common mistake that might prevent you from selling organically is simply that…you’re not talking about your offer enough! You’re scared to promote your offer every day because you don’t want to come across as salesy. But people need to see your offer 5 to 7 times before they buy and they only see 20 to 30% of your content on average.

How to fix this?

Depending on what platform you’re using for marketing, create a content plan in advance to market your offer, focusing on different angles each time. Schedule out at least a dozen posts in various thematics and formats, talking about your expertise, your experience, your offer, the problems you help solve, and the people you’ve helped… and keep talking about it super regularly.

Let’s recap!

In conclusion, the top 5 mistakes that hinder your ability to sell organically are:

  1. Accessing your offer is too complicated

  2. You are not establishing brand trust

  3. You are focusing on features instead of benefits

  4. You forget the emotional side of the purchase

  5. Your offers don’t get seen enough

To avoid the common mistakes that small business owners often make in their inbound marketing strategies, you should:

  1. Talk about your offer OFTEN to be sure your customer sees it enough times.

  2. Find your customer’s emotional center and speak directly to that.

  3. Focus on how your offer can make your customer’s life better.

  4. Build trust by showing that you care and that you can deliver.

  5. Simplify the purchasing process and make it easy to take the next step.

By avoiding these mistakes and implementing these strategies, you can increase your chances of driving organic sales through a more powerful inbound marketing strategy.

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