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Do you want to learn how to create your own branded content for the Web and social networks by aligning it with a powerful digital strategy?

Our online Content Creation Mastery training opens in just a few weeks !

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Content Creation Mastery
ambitious entrepreneurs !
Become your own designer, copywriter and digital marketing manager all at once!

At the end of this training, you will be able to:

  • Produce and publish your contentdigital, visual and written, aligned with your brand identity

  • Rbuild a community of ideal customersready to convert 

  • Organize effectivelyyour entire content creation process 

  • Create and implement a strategyhigh-performance digital for your business

How much does the training cost?

Content Creation Mastery is priced at €497, but you will have aunique Early Bird offer at -50%during launch.


By subscribing to the Waitlist, you won't miss any of this exclusivity and will enjoy otherprivileges reserved for our subscribers.

In module 1 "Your content strategy simplified"

We will see how to control the types of content on thesocial networks, how to use the different channels of theDigital Marketing, how to define yourrelease scheduleideal and how to useTrelloto organize your content.

Who is the Content Creation Mastery training for?

Our training is forALL entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers, e-merchants or service providers, who wish to develop their business by using the levers of digital marketing, and in particular social networks.


If you do not want to outsource your digital communication and you are ready to commit to areally effective content creation for your business, then Content Creation Mastery is for you!

What will you learn in Content Creation Mastery? 

Thanks to our different course themes includingtutorials, of thetemplatesand resources immediately adaptable to your business, you will learnhow to create strategic content in a minimum of time.

Our mini training consists of2 moduleseach comprising 5 lesson videos and action steps withworksheets, to which are added severalbonuses.

In Module 2 “Your Easy Content Creation”

We teach you the techniques to adopt acopywritingpercussive, useCan golike a pro, master the process ofBatch Creation, post yourActualeasily and schedule all your content in advance on Facebook and Instagram.

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