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Digital Accelerator Pack

Unlock the full potential of your online growth with the Digital Accelerator Pack. 

Designed for independent professionals, startups, and small to medium-sized businesses, this pack is your gateway to supercharging your business growth through digital channels. Are you ready to diversify your sales channels and fully embrace the digital realm in your business strategy? The Digital Accelerator Pack is tailored to elevate your digital presence.

What is the Digital Accelerator Pack?

The Digital Accelerator Pack is the ideal solution for startups or existing businesses looking to create a new website or sales funnel with exquisite branding and social media marketing, ensuring a seamless and successful launch. 

Since 2019, AM Studio Créatif has been a cornerstone in supporting entrepreneurs worldwide, helping elevate their businesses with our bespoke services in visual identity creation, website design, and digital strategy consultation.

team Hotal ARCHI ST GILLES-4-Edit copie_edited.jpg

Hello !

We are La teA+M: Aurélie and Maria, co-founders of AM Studio Créatif brand and web design agency.

With more than 20 years of experience, we boost your online presence and bring your brand to life thanks to our skills in brand development, SEO copywriting and web design.

Our creative team has already guided dozens of business owners and online entrepreneurs towards success, notably through brand and web development.


By choosing AM Studio Créatif, you are choosing a dynamic and committed team, ready to overcome every challenge to help you achieve your goals brilliantly.

The Digital Accelerator Pack is perfect for you if…

  • You’re looking to boost your online presence and get discovered by Google Search.

  • You’re seeking digital expansion for your already successful business with a stunning website or sales funnel to be able to sell online automatically

  • You are aiming to increase your revenue by tapping into new digital markets.

  • You’re a coach or service provider looking to establish or enhance your online presence.

Step into the Digital Accelerator era with sophistication and ease in 2024-2025

Benefit from tailor made, done-for-you services, fully bespoke and adapted to your unique business.


The Digital Accelerator Pack gives you everything you need to re-brand & launch with peace of mind to boost your online presence. We'll create for you:

  • A custom made (fully bespoke) logo and visual identity / branding design. Your visual branding is completely revamped and tailored for the web, ensuring a 100% unique and bespoke digital presence.

  • Development of an elegant, professional, and high-performance business website or sales funnel, setting you apart as a leader in your field.

  • Comprehensive social media management, including done-for-you content creation for your Facebook and Instagram pages with full digital marketing support and digital strategy consultation.


Contact us now for bookings.

Digital Accelerator

What you'll get:

(value 790 €)

(value 480 €)

(value 1570 €)


(value 830 €)

(value 2000 €)

Your logo design

Your visual branding identity

Your website / sales funnel

Your social media launch content


Total Value: 5,670 €

Current offer: 2,991 €

(Ex VAT)

You can also opt to pay over monthly installments,

i.e. 750 € x 4 times

Your Logo & Branding

Your Website /

Sales Funnel

Your Social Media Launch Content

Personalised brand coaching and consulting


The Digital Accelerator Pack in detail:

Your logo & custom branding:

Nid d'Abeille logo social copy.jpg
  • Creative brief + in depth brainstorming

  • Fully bespoke logo design (custom design + hand drawn typography) with 3 concepts and 3 retouches included

  • Your Brand Board including: your validated logo, color palette, fonts and mood board, incl. royalty free stock photo/graphics

  • Logo files in various formats to use responsively: your logo + graphic elements in JPG/PNG formats

Branding pack tem 1 EN.png

Your Website or Sales Funnel

  • Web content creation (text and images) of your personalized website* and integration of the content into either Wordpress, Wix or

  • If you chose a classic "WEBSITE" we create 3 pages including:

    • 1 homepage / landing page (approximately 1000 words / 10 images)

    • 1 “about” or "services" page (about 800 words / 4-6 images)

    • 1 "contact" page with contact form (1-2 images)

    • including: integration of your legal pages (Cookies and Privacy Policy)

  • If you chose a "SALES FUNNEL" we create 3 funnel steps, including:

    • ​Step 1: subscribe to freebie / or opt-in page (where the customer will fill in their name & email address)

    • Step 2: your offer in the form of your sales page

    • Step 3: payment or checkout page 

  • Optimizing your content for the web:

    • ​SEO optimized writing (approximately 1800 words)

    • Web design (responsive front-end design).

    • Graphic processing of images provided or selection of royalty-free images.

*Price excluding tax (HT) excluding CMS hosting costs and the purchase of the domain name.

Web Images-14.png
AM Studio Creatif Temoniage testimonial Soraya website design-EN.png
Social Boost-NEW1.jpeg
  • Content Creation for all your Social Media Launch Content for your Facebook & Instagram pages. Custom content strategy, copywriting + graphic design for 18 publications, including:

    • 3 posts per week for your month of lauch, incl: 1 Video Reel + 1 Carousel Post + 1 static post or infographic

    • 1 day of Stories per week (3 short-form video clips per day of stories)

    • 1 tailor-made Facebook cover banner for your Group or Business Page

    • 1 content calendar to manage all your content (shared via Trello)

    • The scheduling all your content via Facebook META Business Suite

    • Your hashtag strategy

    • Reporting of page statistics​​

  • Your tailor-made launch plan to develop your brand image and increase website of funnel's visibility, shared with you via a comprehensive Trello Board.

  • Editing or Processing your videos and images* or selection of royalty-free images consistent with your visual identity.​

Your Social Media Launch Package

Michelle Kaine Social Post Graphics.png

Your Exclusive Bonuses

  • Our tailor-made support throughout your project: you benefit from our personalized consulting in branding and web development

  • We share your launch across our network as a collaboration post, to create a buzz on both our social networks, including: 2 personalized Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn posts (visual + text)

  • Free access to the WordPress Theme “Divi by Elegant Themes” if you chose to build a website, OR the configuration of your account and full funnel setup, if you chose to build a Sales Funnel on, the best all-in-one marketing platform in the world

  • Access offered to our VIP Community Brands.That.Thrive where we share free templates, blog articles and digital resources on a regular basis. 


*Several customizations or tailor-made options are also available depending on your needs. We will be happy to provide you with a personalized cost estimate for your unique project if necessary!

Unlock Your Business Growth Potential with the Digital Accelerator Pack

We provide complimentary guidance to business owners and entrepreneurs interested in the Digital Accelerator Pack, from personalized brand coaching to advice on rolling out your launch campaign, to refining your niche and target market.

We support you in navigating the process and ensuring the success of your digital project brings you success in the digital space!

Develop the digital visibility of your company and increase your businesses turnover!


visibility and gain authority in your niche


with a strong brand image for more credibility


impactful digital communication campaigns


your growth objectives thanks to the digital economy

Choose AM Studio Créatif, your 100% authentic brand and web design studio

Your dynamic and committed team, ready to overcome every challenge and help you achieve your objectives brilliantly.


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