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Graphic design for an e-book (free guide)
for Samantha EatonCertified Nutritional Health Coach & Eating Psychology Coach

AM_Samantha Eaton Lead Magnet portfolio-wix-1.png

Is your brain stopping you from losing weight? This is the starting point and title of Samantha Eaton's new e-book, Certified Nutritional Health Coach & Eating Psychology Coach who helps stressed-out women end their struggles with food, stop hating their body, and step into the happier, healthier life they deserve. Our Studio supported her in creating the graphic design for her e-book. The goal? Transmit your knowledge in a visually attractive way with an e-book using modern and dynamic graphic design. The strategy? Use it as a free resource to download (otherwise known as a lead magnet).  Ultimately to grow her community and following on Instagram, TikTok and to grow her emailing list of subscribers.

AM_Samantha Eaton Lead Magnet portfolio-wix-2.png
AM_Samantha Eaton Lead Magnet portfolio-wix-3.png

What our teA+M achieved:

  • Creating a fun and dynamic visual style in her branding with tailor-made graphics 

  • Design and setup of digital assets in Adobe Illustrator, imported into Canva to create an editable "template" of her 15-page PDF guide for her to use in the future.

  • Editing and processing of her pro-brand photo shoot

  • Optimization & formatting of the e-book for digital distribution;

Applications used

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Canva.


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