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7 Christmas marketing actions for your small business + free Canva templates

You still don’t know what to do for your Christmas marketing? We have 7 ideas for you to prepare your small business to celebrate the end of year… Even if you only have a few hours a week to organize things in your tight boss schedule! Because Christmas is also the perfect opportunity to develop your brand image and strengthen the connection you have with your customers and prospective buyers. But what can you do quickly to make your biz stand out during the holidays? Here are 7 ideas to implement right now in your business for a simple and successful Christmas marketing plan + your FREE Canva templates to talk about it loud and clear on your social media!

In this article we’ll talk about 7 simple ideas, to help you take action and prepare for Christmas simply and effectively:

  1. Create a festive email signature with beautiful holiday colors

  2. Create a special Christmas contest on social media

  3. Offer freebies or goodies to your best customers: think of digital gifts!

  4. Write a Christmas themed blog post in your business sector

  5. Offer a special VIP discount to your newsletter subscribers

  6. Book a photo or video shoot of you and/or your products with a Christmas theme

  7. Use our free Canva templates to create your Christmas marketing giveaway on social media

1. Create a festive email signature with beautiful Christmas colors

Add sparkle to your professional email signature (and that of your employees) with its most beautiful sparkling colors. To simply add a cute Christmas touch to your email signature, you can download free templates or create your own design on Canva. To do this, simply import your existing email signature in PNG format, for example, and add a Santa hat, snowflakes, a Christmas tree or a Santa Claus element. In short, update your electronic signature with a festive theme, which will not go unnoticed in all your e-mail communications (and we know there are many!).

2. Create a special Christmas contest on social media

Want to create a buzz around your brand this holiday season? Create a special Christmas contest on social media and ask people to share their best photos or videos related to the vacations. You can offer prizes (free products or services, discounts on your products or services, free audits…) to the winners or simply congratulate them for participating in this contest by thanking them in any way you can. If you organize your contest in partnership with other brands or companies, this action can be really win-win for your brand image!

3. Give gifts to your best customers: think of digital gifts!

For Christmas, who doesn’t like to receive gifts? Especially when they are offered by our favorite brands: the ones we have already fallen in love with! So why not offer a little something to your customers? The best ones are those who buy regularly from you, they are your ambassadors! So spoil them. Offer them something special, like exclusive discounts or gifts, if they do their Christmas shopping with you for example. Also think about digital gifts: e-books, templates, checklists… easy to make, you can export them in PDF and offer them as gifts in Print or Web version.

4. Write a blog post around Christmas in your industry

Your blog is the best place to bring value as a gift to your audience! You can write about any topic that has to do with Christmas, from gift ideas and discounts to tips and tricks on how to improve your target audience’s everyday life during the holidays. Just make sure it’s relevant to your field of business. If you’re in the retail industry, for example, this is a great way to engage with your audience and promote one of your products as the perfect gift.

5. Offer a special VIP discount to your newsletter subscribers

If you have a list of subscribers or mailing list, why not offer them a special Christmas discount code just for them? Remember that your newsletter subscribers are already interested in what you have to offer and they will be more likely to buy from you – if they know they can get exclusive discounts on your products or services during the holidays. If you’re into e-comm, you might even consider offering it only if someone orders before 20th December or in the run-up to Christmas, so they can receive their Christmas gifts in time!

6. Book a Christmas-themed photo or video shoot of you and/or your products

Your audience (and you too!) will surely appreciate this Christmas plan! The idea is to do like most influencers: take photos of you or your products staged for Christmas. The beautiful red, gold or silver colors allow you to showcase your products or your brand in an unrivaled way – and it only happens once a year! So make the most of it: if you have the budget to do a Christmas-themed photo or video shooting, it’s great content for your biz. You can use it all month long to communicate your Christmas campaigns and offers across your digital content: your website, your social media pages, your emailings, your advertising campaigns…

7. Use our FREE Canva templates for your Christmas marketing content on social media

We offer you this set of “Just for you” Canva templates to help you easily create beautiful visuals for social media Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. All you have to do is click on this link and start customizing your Christmas templates in Canva: just add your messages and branding, then upload the images/videos to publish them as stories, posts or reels! Yep! With just a few clicks, you’ll have great content to promote your business this holiday season on social media – for free & without spending hours!

Creative, fun and easy to implement: which of these marketing ideas will you use to create beautiful Christmas marketing and boost your holiday digital marketing ? In this article we’ve given you a few ideas! But to thank you for being there, we’ve also prepared a gift for you. Click here to access immediately your Canva templates to customize for your pro feed! Don’t hesitate to tag us so we can see your beautiful Christmas creations. For those of you reading this before the holidays, we wish you a wonderful holiday season, filled with love, happiness, serenity and super motivation.

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