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E-commerce Website Redesign, SEO Optimization & Digital Strategy
for  La Reunionese tablecloths: the online store for your 100% stylish and original, tropical style table linen.

AM-STUDIO-Nappes la reunnionais-branding-IDEAS-V1-261020-08.png
AM-STUDIO-Nappes la reunnionais-branding-IDEAS-V1-261020-07.png
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Nappes La Reunionnaise Logo Design propositions_1_edited.jpg

A phenomenal salesman, super passionate about tableware, Eric contacted us at the very beginning of 2020 because his e-commerce site was perfectly "invisible" on the Web. His original, colorful and high-quality tablecloths, which were so popular in physical pop-up stores across the island, did not find any customers on the Internet. Nappes La Reunionnaise was in great need of boosting the visibility of its products online. Eric entrusted in our Studio with the task of bringing his site back to life! Beyond SEO optimization and redesigning its online store, we advised him to review his strategic positioning to modernize his brand image. Our services were therefore accompanied by consulting in digital brand strategy to gain more visibility on the web.

What our teA + M achieved:​​

  • Design of a promotional campaign on social media networks.

  • Optimization and integration of new SEO content on the existing site.

  • Editing & Copywriting.

  • Rebranding, Graphics & Front-end design.

  • Complete redesign of the online store with more than 80 product listings.

  • Design of a Launch Campaign on Social Media networks.

  • Consulting specialized in Branding & Web Marketing: creation of a digital communication action plan over 3 months.



Online store, tableware, table linen, tablecloths, conviviality, colors, quality, interior decoration, style, collections, textiles, modernity, authenticity, large formats, home delivery, Reunion Island.

Explore his new, fresh and colorful online store at:


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