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How to improve your brand on social media? 4 golden rules to follow

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Want to boost your company's brand image on social media? Here's how to improve your branding on social media using simple tips. To boost your business and help you stand out from the competition online, you need to build a recognizable brand universe on social media. This will make you more visible, more credible, more attractive...and therefore more effective in your digital communication! Want to know how to boost your brand image on social? In this 100% social media marketing blog post, our teAM gives you the 4 golden rules to follow right now to improve your online content.

1. Identify your brand colors

The first rule to follow in web branding is to define your brand colors. Have a set of pre-defined colors that you always and specifically use to communicate your brand. As in the visual identity example above, we created for Katty Delgard. Similarly, you can define 5 colors in your palette with 2 main colors and 3 soft background colors. Then use your color palette in all your social media posts, so that all your feeds are filled with them. There are several ways to organize the content on your Instagram feed. To keep it simple, you can simply start by alternating posts with a dark background and a lighter background, and inserting a photo (or storytelling Reel) every 2 posts. By always respecting the same alternation, you create a visually consistent feed...and therefore more attractive to your audience.

2. Brand all your Stories and Reels

When you swipe through your Instagram Stories or Reels, have you ever noticed that the branded content you recognize most easily are the ones that are visually close? For example those of your favorite coaches or accounts, do they always have a particular style? The answer is probably yes. Like our client Nappes La Réunionnaise and his eCommerce store, he learned how to use this unique and consistent branding across all their Stories and Reels so that their content is 100% "on-brand". This 100% authentic "design style" subconsciously allows you to recognize them faster... and therefore consume their web content knowing it's from their brand! And the good news is that it's pretty easy to create the same for your brand. All you need to do is define 1 or 2 font styles and 1-2 colors and photo filters which you use all the time when creating your social media visuals. By regularly posting Stories, you will quickly get the same effect and boost your account's traffic statistics.

3. Write a powerful bio

Your bio is the little teaser text that is located under your profile picture on social networks. Whether it concerns Facebook or Instagram, it is very important to pay special attention to your bio. Indeed, it is really the first thing that users will read after landing on your account. So be strategic in what you put in your bio: write a mini-pitch (150 characters maximum on Instagram) using first the strategic keywords of your business (those on which you refer to yourself but also those that are likely to be the most searched by your target). Use action verbs to entice your audience to learn more about you: discover, click, download, explore, buy, contact... Add a clickable link (to your website - as we did here for Wan-Hoï Insurance, one of our French clients) you can add your website link, a link to your latest sales page or a Linktree if you have several links to free resources for example. Make your bio a powerful message that shows your audience how you can help them solve their problems or make their lives better.

4. Use content themes

The themes of your publications should aim at providing your audience with valuable information (concrete tips or more global solutions, technical knowledge or "mindset" inspiration...) directly related to your products or services. To boost your brand image, you must create content themes related to your main field of activity but also be able to promote simple and clear offers. Be careful, we are talking about sharing your expertise and publishing thematic content with high added value for your subscribers, while intelligently promoting your offers. If you are like us, a service provider or a business consultant, you share thematic content related to your business AND the offers you provide. For example, at the AM Studio, we specialize in branding and digital communication, so we publish around the themes of digital marketing, and many pieces of content are directly related to the services we offer. To see exactly what we're talking about visit the Incredible Marketing Communication Packs.

No doubt that you will improve your branding on social media by applying these 4 simple golden rules! You don't have the time to do it yourself? You want to delegate the management of your online content and the development of your online brand image? We can help you! Every month, our teAM creates and publishes, for you, the content that will make you stand out and really boost your professional social media. Tempted to try? Click here to discover our new Social Packs dedicated to Community Management for entrepreneurs.

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