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Social media trends 2024: what’s next to boost your brand content

In 2024 the social media world continues to evolve at a crazy pace! Stay on top of the latest trends and implement a successful content strategy for your business. Understanding and adopting community management trends is essential if you want to stand out from the crowd. To continue to gain visibility for your business and avoid being "forgotten", you need to take into account some key social media trends that continue to transform the way brands interact with their audience on social media. 

This article explores the major trends you need to incorporate into your content on social media to stay competitive and captivate your audience:

  • Focus on raw and authentic content on your social media content

  • Use artificial intelligence to personalize your content + 3 free ChatGPT prompts included!

  • Boost engagement via Direct Messages (DMs)

  • Produce videos and dynamic content 

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Raw and authentic content on social media 

Polished, perfect content is out! Authenticity is the cornerstone of engagement on social medias. This trend marks a decisive turning point in the way brands interact with their online audiences. The emphasis is on transparency and authenticity of content to establish deeper, more meaningful relationships. In 2024, brands that share raw, authentic content will create a deeper connection with their audience.

Focus on transparency and proximity

Transparency and authenticity are becoming key assets, as consumers look for brands with which they can connect on a personal level.

Transparency has become the cornerstone of digital marketing. For entrepreneurs, it's no longer just a matter of promoting products or services, but of openly sharing the behind-the-scenes of their business. This approach engenders greater trust on the part of customers, who feel closer to and more involved in the brand's story.

In 2024, social medias serve are ideal platforms for revealing : 

  • your business's creation processes, 

  • the challenges you face,

  • the emotions you go through,

  • the innovations you're implementing

  • The transformations you've undergone. 

Integrating realistic storytelling

In 2024, storytelling on social medias is no longer just a marketing tool, but a means of establishing a lasting emotional connection. Incorporate realistic, personal stories into your content to build trust and engagement!

By telling authentic stories about projects undertaken, obstacles overcome and successes achieved, entrepreneurs create a narrative that resonates with their audience. These authentic narratives enable customers to identify with the brand and become emotionally invested in its journey.

The more you master the art of storytelling, the more you'll be able to captivate your audience and build an even more engaged community around your brand.

Use artificial intelligence to personalize your content

It's no longer a secret: the arrival of artificial intelligence (AI) in social media strategies represents a major revolution for 2024. 

AI tools such as ChatGPT, Dall-E and Midjourney have opened the door to unprecedented horizons in all areas of digital creation. In our view, the trend for AI in 2024 is not to use it robotically: it's to use it as a powerful tool to refine your digital presence through content personalization.

Personalize your content with AI

In 2024, the use of AI for content personalization is not just a trend, it's a necessity to captivate an increasingly demanding audience. 

Thanks to sophisticated algorithms, it's now possible to personalize your content according to the specific preferences and behaviors of your target customers. This personalization goes beyond simple demographic segmentation; it enables content to be tailored almost individually, making every interaction more relevant and engaging

For example, you can use ChatGPT to define in detail the profile of your ideal customer and produce marketing content ideas perfectly aligned with your audience's needs, desires, dreams and frustrations.

By adopting this approach, you'll be able to offer a better user experience and thus strengthen the engagement and loyalty of your community on social media.

Here are 3 free sample prompts to define your ideal client with Chat GPT

Try it out with ChatGPT, the No. 1 artificial intelligence for creating content. First, give it your company's background, your business name, your field of activity and your target audience.

Then copy and paste the prompt texts below into ChatGPT's chat, personalizing them with the keywords requested in square brackets. You'll be amazed at the results!

Sample prompt to generate content ideas tailored to your target audience

I want to create content for [insert your strategic target audience]. Can you generate a list of content ideas relevant to this audience with headlines and hooks to grab attention.

Sample prompt to discover your target audience's interests and needs 

Give me a list of 20 questions [your ideal client] has about [insert your specific topic here].

Sample prompt to know their pain points and fine-tune your content

What are the main pain points of someone who wants to buy [insert your product or service]? For each pain point, indicate the most relevant way in which my company [insert your company name] specializes in the field of [insert your product or service].

Boost engagement via Direct Messages (DMs)

The other trend on social media in 2024: engagement shifts to private messages (DMs) on Messenger. This trend underlines the growing importance of more personalized and intimate communication, offering companies new opportunities to strengthen relationships with their customers. Interactions are increasingly taking place in private, with DMs becoming a key channel for customer engagement and service.

Communicate directly with your subscribers

From the era of public, generic interactions, we're moving into the era of personalized, live communication in DMs. In 2024, using the private messaging of your social medias to interact directly with your potential customers is proving to be the most effective way of rapidly building a relationship of trust with them. 

Communicating via DMs enables you to probe more deeply into the needs and preferences of your preferred customers. And this enables you to offer solutions and offers that are all the more adapted to their current needs and concerns. 

Offer fast, efficient customer service via DMs

DMs are also becoming a key tool for customer service and customer care. In 2024, customers will expect even more to their requests. Use DMs to offer them fast, efficient assistance: answering questions (about your latest offer, for example), solving certain problems... and more generally improving the customer experience in your company.

Using DMs for customer service not only enables you to handle requests more efficiently, but also to anticipate customer needs and propose solutions before they are even asked for. This proactive approach boosts customer satisfaction and positions the brand as an attentive, responsive partner.

Produce videos and dynamic content 

The power of video content, especially short, interactive formats, will continue to reign supreme on social media in 2024. The idea is to create dynamic content that adapts to users' interests and interactions in real time. 

Short videos - such as Instagram Reels under 15 seconds and YouTube Shorts, for example - and Lives are powerful tools for capturing users' attention on social media. In 2024, these formats offer a unique opportunity to communicate key messages in a concise and impactful way.  

Short videos are particularly effective for : 

  • conveying captivating stories (storytelling, behind-the-scenes...) 

  • present products in an innovative way (humor, parody...)

  • share quick tips and advice (snack content)

They are ideal for quick consumption of content, responding to the habits and trends of today's social media.

Another popular means of producing dynamic content that generates real-time interaction is live streaming. In concrete terms, this means offering live videos, or "Lives", on your social media. 

Live streaming is ideal for : 

  • live events, 

  • product demonstrations,

  •  question-and-answer sessions, 

  • or even behind-the-scenes. 

This approach reinforces proximity with your audience and enables close interaction, where your subscribers can actively participate and feel more involved in your daily life.

The 2024 trends on social media continue to offer us exciting new opportunities in creating more authentic... but also increasingly dynamic content. These trends also underline the importance of an adaptable and innovative social media strategy: don't be afraid to reinvent yourself! Do you want to be able to program and publish attractive, relevant content on your professional social media marketing without having to spend days on it? That's where we come in: the Studio creates this content for you with Social Packs. Discover our custom community management solutions, to help you strengthen your online presence stress-free, all year round.

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